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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the jackpot total. why you might have an easier time becoming president than winning. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: it's hard enough for a teenager to navigate the criminal justice system. but it's even worse if you are a teen and your identity has been stolen by those who put you behind bars. leon: the d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live to explain a case. tell us about that. sam: well, leon, maureen, for years if a young person was booked at the d.c. jail behind me here, there was a man named marc bell who would go into the computer, get the information and use it to file fake income tax return and get money. he pleaded guilty to all of that yesterday.
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he used the names of the youth in a tax fraud scheme. >> entrusted with the care of the young people to do that. >> they talked about stopping the street robbery we talk about the theft of marc bell. >> we are appealed by it. it was a conspiracy they got $2 million. were you surprised that the employee stealed the kids identity? >> no. i'm not surprised about nothing these days in life. >> that is what they do. you know, that is what they hope. get involved and try to steal. sam: what about the victim of the identity theft? >> we will pay for the credit
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check and the credit monitoring services for the families. >> after bell was laid off in 2013, he was hired by d.c. services. and still on the payroll as recently as yesterday. >> if you still unemployed now it takes a few hours to make him not an employ. sam: he is one of 15 people so far who pleaded guilty in a massive conspiracy involving tens of millions of dollars. by pleading guilty he faces at most six years in prison instead of 15. reporting live from northeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: a community is mourning the death of a preschool teacher. 57-year-old devika gunasekere died last night after a ride-on bus hit her as she was crossing the bethesda road. she worked a with 2-year-olds in the child development
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center. her coworkers are devastated. >> i'm dev stated -- devastated. in or near the crosswalk at old georgetown road as the ride-on bus turned left from battery lane. maureen: the owner of a flower shop wants to rebuild after an survivor crashed in the business and caught fire. this happened after midnight. the fire department says the driver was arrested on the d.u.i. charges. three firefighters were injured fighting the fire. two treated at the scene. a baltimore judge ruled police officer william porter must testify in the next trial for the death of freddie gray. he was the first of six officers going on trial and it
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ended in a hung jury. the judge ruled there will not be a change of venue in the case. leon: friend of the san bernardino shooters appeared before a judge today. enrique marquez pled not guilty to five charges. he is accused of lying and purchasing assault rifle that were later used by syed farook and tashfeen malik that killed 14 people in the san bernardino shooting rampage. the f.b.i. says if you know anything about the shooters' whereabouts on the day of the massacre to contact them. >> we are missing 18 minutes at this time. if they made contact with anyone we don't know about. >> the f.b.i. insists this is what they call inspired terror attack. saying there is no indication it was directed by anyone
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overseas. marquez accused of planning the other terror attacks in the couple in 2011. north korea says it has testified a hydrogen bomb. that is a big if. but this is what we know about the case. north korea says it has tested a power become and the u.s. is investigating the claim. this is the fourth time that they have exploded nuclear device. it caused earthquake by the united states geological survey. scott thuman has reaction today. scott: regardless of whether or not north korea indeed has done what it says it has and the detonate an h-bomb, it has resulted in a rare instances on capitol hill where both sides of the aisle agree.
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>> the underground detonation of a hydrogen bomb. different shockwave worldwide. >> the white house surveying the incoming intel responded with a hefty dose of criticism. >> successful hydrogen bomb. >> independent confirmation could take weeks, north korea advance weapons thousands of times manufacture powerful than the a-bombs used to end world war ii would be a game changer. according to one group assessment, the u.s., russia, britain, france and china have hydrogen weapons. israel, india and pakistan
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generally believed to use less powerful nuclear vision. regardless of north korea true capability, the united nations security council gathered to see tougher sanctions as punishment. south korean and the u.s. military forces are weighing the options to keep north korea in check. >> were they choose to take on south korea and the united states military would be a bad outcome for them. >> this is a crazed dictatorship. he will do everything he can to try to shock the world. >> whether or not north korea have developed a war head to place on him and reach the united states.
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leon: the house passed a bill to appeal the affordable care act. this is not the first time a bill like this has been voted on but the first time it has made it past the senate and onto the president's desk. there won't be much past that. the president is expected to quickly veto it. we'll keep you posted. maureen: ahead at 6:00, the trouble for chipotle. the criminal charges the restaurant chain might face. leon: another el nino fueled storm moving in to southern california. we show you the damage the rains there are causing out west. >> most of the folks at the 7-eleven i'm at now are buying power ball tickets. the reason is the jackpot is ridiculous high. i have a live report coming up. doug: i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. we have clear skies, chilly temperatures with a bit of a warming trend in the forecast. this price can't be right...
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. giant. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: chipotle restaurants have been hit with a federal grand jury subpoena in the wake of a norovirus outbreak in california. it's served in december as part of an investigation by the u.s. food and drug administration sought criminal investigation to require chipotle to hand over several documents related to the simi valley restaurant where a hundred people were sickened by the norovirus in august.
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after news of this, shares of the stock dropped to 52-week low. maureen: a "7 on your side" consumer alert tonight for you. ingwegmans is recalling a thousand pound of chicken after it was not properly inspected. it has production date of january 3, and product number of p-7567 inside the usda seal. there are no reports that anyone has gotten sick from eating the chicken. if you bought it, you can return the meat to the store for a refund or exchange. leon: ahead here at 6:00, did you get your ticket for powerball yet? you still have a little bit of time. before you do that, we will tell you what you have better odds of winning the $500 million. that is just ahead here. robert: i'm robert burton. king is in the city. the wisconsin hosting lebron -- wiz are hosting lebron
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leon: a new study shows many americans financially are one paycheck away from being on the street.
6:16 pm says 63% of americans have no emergency savings. of those polled, 23% said they would cut spending if they needed help. 15% would have to borrow from family and friends. 15% said they would use credit cards if they had to be faced with adversity at this point in their life. that could be one reason why the powerball is gathering so much excitement. maureen: a lot of money. leon: out of control. powerball win tonight would put a lot of money in nobody's bank account. maureen: the jackpot is more than $500 million. look at the interesting odds. for example, you have a one in 12,000 chance of being struck by lightning. leon: all right. one chance in 10 million of becoming president of the united states. maureen: one in 20 million chance of becoming a saint. leon: one in 112 million chance of being killed by a vending machine. what a way to go. i don't know where we came one that one. tom roussey is live tonight out there talking with folks about playing the game.
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the odds of winning, what do you know? tom: i know i'm terrified of being killed by a vending machine. the odds are that somebody in the united states of america is going to win tonight but the odds are that it is probably not you. we have been at the 7-eleven all afternoon. folks have been buying tickets here. murphy's law, the moment we go live no one is buying ticket here but you have been telling a lot of them. >> selling a lot. tom: this store has been a winner before. not like $500 million. but this would be 400 times that. sell-megamillions tickets. but the powerball is $500 million. anytime the number goes over $300 million they get a lot of sales.
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although not one now but we have seen it throughout the day. are you buying a you noterball? are you going to be a winner? >> maybe. tom: 1 in 192 million. >> that's the number right now. >> this man is 1 in 192 million here. >> we have seen a lot of folks buying, they have until 10:00 tonight to get a ticket to try to be part of the drawing. that takes place around 11:00 tonight. maureen: thank you. the temperatures are not keeping people away from buying the powerball tickets. leon: absolutely not. maureen: the money will deep you warm. leon: or take you some place warm. doug: normally california is really warm. but with the pattern they are cold and rainy. look at this. this is beach northwest of san diego. literally two mile west of seaworld in southern california. tremendous rain and flooding.
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right now, just north of there by 25 miles in escondido they are under a tornado warning. all kind of crazy el nino driven weather out west. look at them slosh through the water. look at what we were dealing with 20 years ago this very day. the blizzard of -- >> oh! doug: the blizzard of 1996. we look at this and we think this was intentional. he yelled before -- he is okay. >> angry that you showed that again today. >> i think it was a plan to get on america's funniest video. maureen: the whole area was shut down for two weeks after this. doug: it was crazy. 20 to 40 inches of snow around the area. that was not an el nino year. but we will see what happens this time around. these are the snow accumulations. i will give you a second to get the glasses on if you need them and get up to the chair to walk up to the tv set. look, look, look, closely. there you see the numbers.
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it's out west. 40 to 42 inches of snow in spot. the metro area it ranges from 13 to 14 inches. mid-20's. to the 30's. three separate snowfalls over three and a half days but it shut everything down for a long time. now today we had the third consecutive day of clear skies. 40 and 20 are the high and low. below average. but we are slowly going to turn the pattern around to get a couple above average days. friday, saturday and into sunday. 38 at reagan national now. 30 in frederick. 33 in hagerstown. 34 in annapolis. temperatures a farther north and west. chilly as well. look at the numbers in charleston and shaft and raleigh. a little bit warmer. that is the weather pattern shift northward tomorrow as the center of high pressure with the really cold stuff that heads back to the northeast and come from canada in the next 2 hours. we will have a southeasterly breeze. looking for the highs.
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probably getting to 41 degrees. something like that in the afternoon. it will be 27 in the morning and the average wake-up. that is warmer than the past few mornings. 36 in midday. it will become cloudy with a high of 41 degrees. for the next seven days take it to 46 on friday. friday is a slight chance of a late day shower. clipper of sun in the morning and clouds have 60% chance of rain for the late afternoon and evening. turning colder at night. the first few days of next week are back to the cold stuff but more dry weather. that is the latest. back to you. maureen: thank you, doug. leon: all right. big weekend coming up with the skins. one fans have been waiting years for. robert: glad we are not playing the seahawks. do the redskins get it done against the packers on sunday? what you say about it. and lebron is at verizon. he wants this game bad.
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the redskins-packers this sunday. the matchup most wanted. last time the skins played the seahawks in the postseason, you know what happened. that was in 2012. we were at redskins park today and they were working on sunday's game plan. the players can still recall the last playoff appearance.
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>> play the game. i couldn't breathe. i was so excited. the play was electric. >> he couldn't believe. he was shaking and so excited. how pumped are you to get back? he came from villanova and they didn't play in big games so i see why he is nervous. i'm used to this. robert: easy! i asked what you thought on twitter. iii% of you say the skins will win. the king is here. lebron james is in town. they are 15-1 at home. the one home loss came from the wizards.
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it's personal. >> the only loss this year. up and down the floor. we had to get back in transition. limit transition points. robert: hockey the club agreeing with mike richardson. trent with a shave there. maureen: i am going out to buy a powerball ticket. what kind of weather? >> chilly. steve rudin will be back at 11:00 to have more on what they are doing and the showers. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. for the girl scout meeting...
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tonight, the world headline. north korea claiming they have tested a hydrogen bomb. tonight, the seismic activity. the announcement on north korean state tv. the bravado, celebrating the detonation. but this evening, what the white house is now saying. the weather emergency here at home. the storms hitting, one right after the other. cars submerged. the restaurant wall caving in. customers screaming, and we're there. the new turn tonight. there is now a criminal investigation into an outbreak at chipotle. more than 230 customers sickened at one restaurant alone. the showdown over the pat-down. the 10-year-old girl and the tsa search at the airport. her father recording the whole thing. tonight, he's furious. and, powerball fever across this


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